Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lesson 2

Song: Don't Worry, Be Happy Listen. Write the lyrics. Sing along!

Idiom: (bring about) cause An organization like Nabuur might really bring about a change! I learned about it from one of my Twitter collegues, wwhitlock.

Oxford: page 2 Family and Relationships (supplemental list will be given in class)

Homework Review: Feedback on Previous Homework

Words in the News: Marriage Training in Saudi Arabia (first review vocabulary below article, then listen while reading text) Is marriage training a good idea? Are there other ways that engaged couples can prepare for marriage? If you are married, how did you prepare?

Error Correction: Focus on correct pronunciation, language patterns and stress patterns (Call instructor if no specific assignment given in class.)

We will begin "homework" in class as time permits.


English Baby: Female President

Azar: page 2 Exercise 2 Overview of verb tenses. Create 10 questions using what + a form of do (e.g. What are you doing? What did you do? What have you done?) Use the given expressions. Be prepared to answer these questions in class during Homework Review.

Video: Family Reunion. Can you guess why this video is called family reunion? What is going on? I didn't hear the audio before posting but I saw some of the visuals.

Flatmates: Episode 2 In the Flat (Tim, Alice & Michal) Can you spot Michal's mistake: (1) From near Warsaw--the Polish capital. (2) I'm a guide tourist. (3) To improve my English. Team up with a class mate and practice the dialog (the parts of Alice and Michal) to perform in class during Homework Review

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