Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lesson 6

Song: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off. You say "either" and I say "either." You say "neither." I say "neither." "Either" "either", "neither" "neither"... Let's call the whole thing off. You say "potato," I say "potato" You say "tomato", I say "tomato" Oh, let's call the whole thing off. Oh, if we call the whole thing off then we must part. And oh If we ever part, that would break my heart. So, I say "oyster" you say "oyster." I'm not gonna stop eating oysters just cause you say oyster. Oh, let's call the whole thing off. Oh, I say "pajamas", you say "pajamas" Sugar, what's the problem? Oh, for we know we need each other so we'd better call the calling off off So let's call it off, oh let's call it off. Oh, let's call it off, baby let's call it off. Sugar why don't we call it off. I'm talking baby. Why call it off ? Let's call the whole thing off.

Idiom: (call off) Michal thought he had a date with Helen but she called it off.

Oxford: page 6 Vegetables

Homework Review:

Video: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (lipsync)

Flatmates: Episode 6 Breakfast Time Which one of Michal's sentences is correct? (1) I'm feel awful, too. (2) I have a pain stomach. (3) My head hurts. Correct the two sentences that are incorrect.

Words in the News: Obesity Epedemic

Error Correction:

English Baby: Only Child

Azar: page 3 Exercise 4 The Progressive Tenses

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