Friday, November 21, 2008


The British Broadcasting Corporation has great website. I have personally used it to brush up on my Spanish, German and French! At the bottom of the homepage are links to other areas of interest including Learning English.

The Flatmates is a great way to read and listen to dialog for expanded vocabulary, comprehension practice and language or grammar points.

Your homework for today is to read and listen to the latest "Words in the News" or to read this older article Marriage Training in Saudi Arabia. Summarize it in one sentence what the article is about. Give your opinion. Use one or more words, phrases or grammar points recently learned, in class or elsewhere.


Maestra de ingles said...

Luis wrote:

I have read and listened the latest words in the news. It is about the mythical lost Beatles track, but now Sir Paul McCartney has confirmed Carnival of light track still exist and he has the master type. He thinks that is not avant-garde for our time, that the people are ready to hear the experimental of Beatles.

I think the Beatles are a Legend and a lot of persons live with their song, and they have and style or type of music, like genre, but only for knowledge I would like listen to the track and imagine how was their tests in these moment in this place in the history.

Maestra de ingles said...

Aracely wrote:

The Social ministry is considering forcing people for a premarriege course because there are too many divorces and social ministry would like to decrese it.
The anquires say the reason is that too many young people are married each year and some months later They are divorces. Almost half of them are divorced. It's difficult for the woman to remarry. The men prefer to marry who have never merried.

In my opinion, The saudi arabia people have to change the form thinking. Why do the saudi arabian men prefer to marry people woman that never merried? What is wrong? I don't know, well may be It´s because of religion or may be because of culture. Poor women. They marry in good faith and if They are lucky their husbands give them a good life. If they have woman bad husbands . . .. ? Poor women

Maestra de ingles said...

Ivan wrote:
Marriage training in Saudi Arabia

The arcticle is the real life about the marriage people Saudi Arabia's.

The problem is divorce, because they're young and they don't understand the rights of the husband and wife; moreover, the sex is a taboo.

However one university study said that marriage are unhappy - with aspects of violence, cruelty, neglect and continuous disagreement.
Some people suggest part of the problem is the men are unable to deal with a female population that's more educated and assertive.

In my opinion the issue the divorce is more common these days, because the marriages are divorcing with more frecuency due to lack of awareness of people who do not know what makes and recently in Queretaro were many divorcing couples, then the government did a study because the couples divorcing and found that incompatible were couples and abuse towards women.


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