Friday, November 21, 2008


Your homework is to read and comment on a post on a blog that interests you. In the comment section below (on THIS blog post, on THIS blog), include a link to the post and the reason that you decided to comment. To find blogs of interest I use Google Blog Search. Try it and let us know what you find.

Here is a sample. I did a search for "protein sources for vegans".

Vegans are people who are vegetarians. The only thing is that in recent years, many people in the United States call themselves vegetarians BUT they eat fish and seafood, and/or fish, and/or chicken, and/or eggs, and/or milk and/or milk products....In other words, the word "vegetarian" has been so mis-used that another word, "vegan" is now in vogue. "Vegan" is a person that doesn't eat animals or animal products. Some vegans also refrain from using leather shoes or clothing. I did the Google Blog Search and what ranked highest on the day I did the search was a clip from the Do Life Right blog. I loved the name of the blog, afterall we have one chance in this body, let's do it right! The post was great and the resources where right up my alley. The only thing was that there was no opportunity to leave a comment below the post... so I tried something about "life after 50"?

This is the gem that I found. Pippin (it starts like this: "Charlie maneuvered the backhoe skillfully, ..." And my comment is the tenth one.


Maestra de ingles said...

Alberto wrote:
I think that light in the houses are important part of the charge and demand. For example, we use it about 4 hours per day inside the house, out side we used about 12 hrs per day. Then light is the device that we use almost time. The principal cost of the electricity became from the use of the light. If we use a light with technology based in LED the cost must be low.

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Luis wwrote:

My comment about a video on you tube. My nick is Mrgallo23 jeje is very tough to find one, there are too.


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