Friday, November 21, 2008


You may call (44-23-22-36-25) or text message me anytime. However, for homework, you are encouraged to call the teacher anytime on Wednesday to talk about any topic you like. It is a great opportunity for freer practice of what you have been learning and what you are not sure about.

These are some recent comments:

I'll try to call you because I like this exercise.

When I said “SOMETIMES” I meant to the poor signal in our telephone conversation.

I cannot understand most of what you say on the phone.

I feel nervous and I can't say much. I just freeze. It is as if I have some block between me and English.

I don't understand. Hablame en espanol.

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Maestra de ingles said...

Abel wrote:
When you call me at the morning sometimes I don't have a good reception, but
really I appreciate your detail and I'll try to call you, because I'd like
this exercise;


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